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Management Services

Our management team will work closely with develop and/or owner generally sixty days prior to admissions as outlined:

  • Work with State licensing agent on licensing 
  • Hire and train key personnel
  • Develop management and structure
  • Recruit and train other staff
  • Develop operation plans and policy books for all departments
  • Install operating systems and monitor progress
Opening and Initial Stabilization Period
  • Continue with staffing and training to reduce turnover
  • Monitor and adjust operation to adjust specific area
  • Install accounting systems and responsibilities 
  • Implement department budgets and monitor budget vs. actual on monthly basis
  • Finalize vendor contracts using experience and price negotiations
  • Continue to implement and monitor marketing plans and make adjustments
  • Monitor and adjust resident quality care to insure each resident at proper level of care
Ongoing Management 
  • Monitor community operation and offer marketing and operation support
  • Generate financial budgets and reports to include:
    • Balance Sheets
    • Profit and Loss
    • Accounts Receivables 
    • Accounts Payables
    • Payroll Reports
    • General Ledger
  • Conduct timely meetings to review community operations of budget vs. actual and make adjustments. 
The Management Team Is Committed To A Resident Centered Approach To Insure Quality Care And To Produce Sound Financial Operation For The Greatest Return

At Progressive Management Group, we have a variety of resources to help you find the right level of care to fit your needs.

  • "I was very reluctant to move from my home of 50 years but now that I have moved into my Spring Park suite I am so satisfied and want to invest in this community and any others they do"

    - Melvin Pace
    Spring Park Resident

  • "Since 2013 we have been working with Progressive Management on the development and management of assisted living projects in the Southeast. Progressive has been an integral part of the development process and successfully leased up the facilities much quicker than expected. Their staff is dedicated and compassionate, and their focus on resident satisfaction continues to drive our exceptional reputation in the market. "

    - Itay Goren, Principal ~ Buligo Capital Partners
    Tel Aviv, Israel

  • "I am an absentee owner of an assisted living community and need a management company to turn around a troubled property and keep it operating until it can be sold. We hired Progressive Management Group, Inc. The community is out of regulatory issues with the State and now has a contract to be purchased and upgraded. "

    - Ricky Tiller, CPA ~ Tiller & Cantey

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